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This I Know… July 22, 2014

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“When I am a hundred and two, and have long forgotten even my own name, I will still be able to sing all of the song, ‘Jesus Loves Me’.” It was a passing comment, a simple statement, made by a random character in a book I was reading recently, but it made me chuckle out loud.   He was referring to the impact of years of church attendance while growing up. I can relate!


I have what I have heard others refer to as a “drug problem”. My mom “drug” me to church every time the doors were open, and between Church service, Sunday School, prayer meetings, visitation, Back Yard Bible School, Vacation Bible School, Kids Choir, Youth Choir, and Bible Studies, they were open a lot. I may not have always wanted to be there, but looking back at it now I see the powerful, positive, impact it had on my life. Like the character in my book, I too am certain I will forever be able to recall all the words to the song, “Jesus Loves Me”.


As a baby, it was sung to me. As a little girl I sang it loudly with the uninhibited joy of a child. As an adult, I sang it as a tender reminder of childhood. As a mom, I sang it as I rocked each of my babies. As they grew, I sang along in the car as my kids belted out the tune while listening to a cassette tape. Eventually, my rendition of the song would be relegated to humming quietly to myself.


It may not be full of doctrinal insight, but the song, “Jesus Loves Me”, contains the seeds of my salvation and the unshakable anchor in my life.

“Jesus loves me….”– Not because I am lovable, but through His grace. I am loved because I am His. I cannot earn, nor can I loose, His love. I can only choose to accept it.

“this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”- God’s Word is unchanging and unerring. It is truth. God said it, that settles it.

“little ones to Him belong…”- He values even the least of us. Our stature, our earthly acceptance, our years do not keep Him from us. When others do not receive us, He does.

“they are weak, but He is strong…”-He alone is my strength when I am weak. His grace is enough, my forgiveness complete. His peace is beyond comprehension. He is my hope.

“Yes, Jesus loves me…yes, Jesus loves me….yes, Jesus loves me…the Bible tells me so” – When I am tired, when the world fails me, when I stumble, when I am lost, when I am hurting or confused….Yes, Jesus loves me.

May these truths  dwell in our hearts today and until we  are one hundred and two!


Yep, gonna challenge you to take a minute and sing it out loud (If you know it)….it needs to be done. Sing it as you did as a child, open to God’s love and uncaring of your singing skills. Sing it and remember you are loved!


Hello Day! July 2, 2014

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WP_20140702_001 1I opened my fridge and stared blinkingly at its contents. “Is that a canned energy drink sitting on that shelf?” I asked while shaking my head and smiling to myself. For a moment I thought maybe we had teenagers visiting our home for the weekend…but no, it was just my Uncle Jack and Aunt Debbie and they are decidedly NOT teens any more.


I learned the tall can of NOS (a Red Bull type energy drink) was Aunt Debbie’s. Apparently her normal beverage of choice in the morning is a concoction of cranberry juice and a Red Bull. The NOS in my fridge was just a variation of that while she is traveling.


I appreciated that she at least poured it into a coffee cup before joining us on the deck that morning. There is something comforting to me about seeing folks in the morning holding a coffee cup…the image of my Aunt Debbie holding a tall can of NOS would confuse my expectations.


We laughed at her response to our teasing about the teenage oriented drink, “They are missing their market. Teenagers don’t need energy, we do!”   Almost immediately,  imaginary “bright idea” light bulbs began to pop above our heads as we submitted ideas for the new branding effort. “Grandma’s Go Go Juice”, “Granny’s Get Up and Go”, “Grandparent Gatorade” and “Old Folks Octane”. Yep, we cracked ourselves up!


The next morning, after waving goodbye to our house guests, I thought about how much we enjoyed their visit as I poured a second cup of coffee. I looked down at the warm brown liquid in my cup and considered the different ways we each start our days.


Some people greet the morning with a cup of coffee, a latte, juice, milk or tea. Some folks enjoy a glass of soda, water, Red Bull or NOS to jump start their day. The fact that we have a new day before us is far more important than what we drink at its dawning.


It is easy to forget the gift of a new day.   I tend to take my days, each breath, for granted. Every sunrise we witness may age our bodies, but it also brings hope and renewal. As I sipped from my coffee cup, I felt a quiet wave of joy. I did not feel compelled to shout, or do cartwheels, but I did feel a deep and full appreciation for the gift of the day. I want to treasure my days and all they bring, both good and bad.


Whether we partake in coffee, tea, or even the odd energy drink, in the morning, let it remind us to thank our God for His most gracious gifts, the gift of a new day, renewed spirit, and hope for day to come.


“For all things are for your sakes, that the grace which is spreading to more and more people may cause the giving of thanks to abound to the glory of God. Therefore do not lose heart, but though your outer man is decaying, yet your inner man is being renewed day by day.” (2 Corinthians 4:15&16)