Tuesday With Teri

Devotions from lessons I'm learning from God

About December 13, 2008

I am a believer, wife and mother of two young adults.  I am enjoying writing stories and sharing the lessons I’m learning from God.  His grace never fails to astound me and His Word is relevant to the world we walk in.  I hope you are challenged and encouraged by your visit to Tuesday with Teri.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Brenda Grand Says:

    What a wonderful story! Now, I’m “hooked” and will look forward to your weekly narrative. I love the idea of you “using your words” this way. Scott is a very “wise” man! 🙂 I love you Teri – thanks for being a blessing to all of us!


  2. Angie Greene Says:

    Hey Teri!!!!! This is your 13.1 running partner!! Thank you for being such a blessing to me yesterday! God put you there at the right time and I couldn’t have done it without you!!


  3. Trudy Maggs Says:

    I read your post from 2010 regarding your fire pit explosion. I could have written it myself. I am still shaking from our experience this past Sat night.
    Would you please share with me how you resolved the situation?
    No one seems to understand a nd my son and I are actually fearful of sitting around the firepit again
    Trudy Maggs


  4. Tonya Says:

    Hi Teri,

    I saw your post about your fire pit explosion. Today is November 4 and our fire pit just exploded. We have the exact same setup as you with the concrete and drain. Please share with me your solution. Thanks!


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