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Shades of Grace September 2, 2014

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          I knew I should have skipped that second cup of coffee.  Instead of hitting the road in the comfort of an early hour, I found myself heading out for my “morning” jog just as the sun was starting to heat the land. Less than one mile into my jogging effort, I was dripping with perspiration and dragging my feet.


          I had intended to jog several miles this day and really wanted to meet my goal. As I trudged along, I contemplated my options. Option one: turn back, run home and call it a day Option two: stop jogging and simply walk the remainder of the course Option three: find incentive to keep going at the current pace and goal   Before I could even tackle the guilt that would no doubt burden me if I chose options one or two, option three presented itself.


          The street, which stretched out before me, was lined with variations of townhouses and condos. These small homes had the prerequisite small yards, each carefully landscaped with one medium sized tree. This resulted in a sidewalk literally dotted with SHADE! Every few yards the sun baked sidewalk turned a very welcome grey. The sun was sure to drain me while I ran, but I knew I could find sweet relief as I passed each shaded area.


          Soon, I was jogging from shade spot to shade spot. When I felt the sun beat down on my head, I simply looked toward the next tree shaped savior. I was surprised to find myself propelled forward at a good pace. It was easy to focus on the upcoming shade and disregard the sun’s assault. When the yards were further apart, and the shade not quite as near, I found myself pushing past the discomfort. I knew eventually I would run past another shade tree.


          Eventually my course lead me away from the tree lined street. I missed the shade spots, but I spent the rest of my jog thanking Him for the shade I’d received and being grateful for His provision.  God provided it, I ran to it.


          I think God’s grace is like the shade. He provides it, all we need to do is accept it, run to it. His amazing grace relieves us from the burden of our sin. When we feel discouraged, defeated or unworthy, we can find courage, victory and worth in Him. His unearned favor and forgiveness, GRACE, is offered to us.

Life can be draining and the journey a struggle, but look up and look ahead….there will be shade,

shades of grace.

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.”  (1Peter 5:10)