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Hello world! December 13, 2008

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Okay, so it’s not officially Tuesday…but I am excited about getting started with this new blogsite.  Eventually it will be a goal to post on Tuesdays throughout the year.    This blogging adventure was set in  motion by my husband, Scott.  I recently accompanied my sister n law to Vietnam.  She was there to receive her adopted son, Zachary.  While on this journey we used a blog site to keep family and friends updated with our travel adventure.  (journeytozachary-vietnam.blogspot.com)  I found myself enjoying making blog entries and reading comments.   So, Scott set this up for my  “enjoyment”…of course those of you who know us both will see it is also a cleverly disguised way for him to get  me to use up “all my words” so to speak, thus reducing  my need to share it all with him at the end of a long day.   Hope you join me Tuesday for my first official installment of Tuesday with Teri!  Hope you have a wonderful start of the week!



4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Teri, this is great. I will look forward to reading your posts. Hopefully this will inspire me to make the time to keep up Zachary’s journal.


  2. Nanny Says:

    I am looking forward to your entries and making comments if I was part of it (I will add some Spanish flavor). Keep writing; that is your gift. We will keep reading . . .


  3. Rod Says:

    Absolutely wonderful !!!! I love reading your “words” and the way you put them on “paper”. I am looking forward to this being a regular thing.

    Love you



  4. Annsy Says:

    Woah! Facebook AND a blog? I learned about your blog from Melissa’s blog (which is weird, since I don’t even know Melissa!). I am excited to read your posts!


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