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Remove from Wrapper… September 22, 2009

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          Okay, so I opened my dishwasher after it finished running and found the automatic detergent still wrapped in plastic and laying in the bottom of the machine.  Hmmmmmm.  Obviously protected from the dissolving effects of the water, it had done little to insure my dishes had indeed been cleaned.  I soon discovered the culprit was my helpful husband.  He’d placed the cellophane wrapped cube of detergent in the dispenser just as he would have if it were the “other” kind, you know, the kind in a capsule that dissolves.  When I pointed out his error he immediately defended his action with,  “How was I supposed to know?”   I thought that was a valid question…how was he supposed to know?   There are not instructions on each individual packet after all. 

         Why is it that really important instructions are easy to miss and other , less necessary instructions are plain to see?  For example, on the container of snake repellant (see previous posts for snake issues)  the important tid bit about not using this product “in areas where snakes are already known to exist” was located on page 2 of a pull out label in miniscule print, yet the “use in well ventilated areas” was prominently displayed. (Which, by the way, is a silly instruction and waste of ink since the pungent odor would automatically cause you to avoid inhaling it.)  Why do our medicines clearly let us know how much to take and when, but list all possible ill effects of doing so in much smaller disclaimer print? I have yet to figure out why, on any container of cleaning products or harmful chemicals, the “keep away from small children” instruction is buried so far down the label?  Seems like that might be a fairly important thing to be reminded about.  The recent dishwasher mishap along with the various other things I have used or applied incorrectly over the years has brought to mind another area of  my life where I may be missing some fine print.


          Sometimes I skip right past God’s instructions.  In my hurry to accomplish something, or in the chaos of my day, I find it easy to set His Word aside and attempt to solve problems and make decisions from my own perspective.   I have no problem recognizing the bold directive of the ten commandments, yet may fail to investigate the other lifesaving instructions and guidelines found in the Word of God.   How much firmer my faith, clearer my call and unshakable my joy would be if I could be attentive to all of His Words, not just those which are presented to me by others, displayed on posters or plagues and strung along in songs? 

          When Luke penned the book of the Bible which bares his name, he did so to assure clarity to folks like us, “inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile an account of the things accomplished among us,…..it seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated everything carefully from the beginning, to write it out for you….so that you might know the exact truth about the things you have been taught.” Luke 1:1-4  I am challenged to do a better job of studying the Word and knowing the fine print of instructions He has for us.  Unlike some product instructions, God’s are not hidden or lack clarity.   I guess my Bible is like that detergent cube…if I don’t open it up, it won’t do any good!














3 Responses to “Remove from Wrapper…”

  1. Karen Says:

    AAAACCKKK. Here I sit, reading blogs instead of my bible! Talk about a timely post!!


  2. Beckie Says:



  3. Old Cousin Sharon Says:

    As I remember hearing once, “Ignorance is no excuse.” Tell your hubby that he will be forgiven for the dish soap mistake, but with God’s judgement we should slow down, think before we act, & always keep studying God’s Word even if we think we know it by heart.
    It is the listening to God during that reading & studying that teaches me the most. Thanks for reminding me how to keep comparing my every day life with God’s Must Do List.


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