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Rest Stop Ahead November 17, 2009

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                     When my husband and I were first married we were on a  long car ride home to see our families.  I was driving at the time.   I smiled at the sight of my sweet husband sound asleep in the passenger side of the car.  Our windows were rolled down because our little 2 door car had no air conditioning.  I was enjoying the fresh air.   

               I had just started my “shift” and was not even remotely sleepy.  You know how sometimes when you get sleepy behind the wheel you find yourself trying to stay alert?  Well, I had not gotten to that point.  I was not nodding off.  I did not need to chew gum or turn up the radio.  I did not for even a minute think I needed to wake my husband so he could take over driving.  I felt wide awake and in total control.  That is when it happened. 


          Suddenly a large amount of grass was flying past my face.  Literally bales of it filled our car as I plowed through the high grass of the median.  My husband,no longer sleeping of course, grabbed the wheel, keeping us from oncoming traffic on the opposite side of the median and  brought the car to a stop.  We sat there for a while letting the totality of the moment find its way past our pounding hearts to our brains.  The freshly cut grass clippings which filled our car gave off a sent that would forever remind me of this day.  By the grace of God we did not harm ourselves or anyone else.  

          Perhaps the most frightening aspect of this event was that I did not see it coming.    I was not attempting to drive while sleepy.  I felt very much awake, and yet obviously I was not equipped to be driving at that time.  I needed to rest.  It is important to realize, that no matter how “okay” you think you may be, when you are on a journey you need to rest.  This point has been driven home to me (pun intended) in a spiritual sense as well.

         Like many, I tend to fill my days with activities and events.   During the holiday season we are even more inclined to allow schedules to become too packed.  There are things we need to do, things we want to do, things we enjoy, things we should do, things we’re afraid to miss and things we do for others.  These are all good things.  But sometimes on life’s journey we forget to rest.  

            God commands us to rest.  The One who created us knows us best and knows we need rest.  He rested.   This week, this season, this year, this journey,  I desire to be more intentional in my rest stops.  I hope you will join me in an effort to reclaim a day of rest.  A time to rest in God and know His peace.  When we hear the Christmas music in our churches and our stores, when “peace on earth” and “God of Peace” is seen on cards and decorations, may we be reminded to pull over on our journey, find fellowship, encouragement and stretch our spiritual legs…find rest in God.


3 Responses to “Rest Stop Ahead”

  1. Aunt Lora Says:

    Every week is an adventure! I can identify. I have, always, been a firm believer of Rest! Some times, I do too much of it! Ha!

    Keep up the good work . We all look forward to these articles.



  2. Karen Says:

    How do you get inside my head like that? I am just coming off of this awful four week swine-induced yuckiness, and boy did God use it to teach me about rest (and about going to the doctor before the three week point). I have some thoughts I will share soon (as soon as I catch up!) on the Jesus blog– how we can learn about rest and its place in our Christian walk from Elijah. Uh, the bible Elijah, not the 11-year old one. 🙂


  3. Old Cousin Sharon Says:

    If we don’t rest, God will find one way for us to. Sometimes He might need someone else to have the experience of teaching, witnessing, caring for others, or just filling in for faithful workers while they rest. We should never take away from the Joy someone else might get from serving.

    So when God expects us to rest, He means it for lots of reasons. It is only that we Obey.


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