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A Very Loud Quiet February 2, 2010

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          It’s quiet tonight.  I know I’m late in posting to the blog…sorry about that.  But here I am.  Throughout the day I have thought about what I should write.  I have prayed for direction and listened carefully to all that was said around me, as often God uses the words of others to teach me new lessons, yet as of about an hour ago I still did not have great clarity as to what I should share this day.  Then I noticed the very loud quiet.

          There is no one else home.  (Husband is traveling, son is at work and daughter is away at school)  I am sitting on my couch, with my feet propped up on an old trunk we use as a coffee table.  To my immediate left  is my porky little yorkie Hughie.  He is curled up against me as close as possible and a faint grunt like sound escapes his fuzzy muzzle with every other sleepy breath.  To my right is the newest member of our family, our son’s wiemariner puppy, Lucy.  All 25 pounds of her stretches out beside me as if she owns the couch and her soft, sleep induced grumble keeps time with Hughie’s snoring.  It is a very loud quiet.

          Beyond my outstretched feet I can see out to our back deck.  A porch light illuminates the snow as it falls as steady as rain.  No howling wind or clashing thunder, just snow falling.  It’s sort of like watching a silent movie…seems that something so capable of accumulating such mass and encasing landscape should produce a dramatic noise of some sort, but no…instead it’s simply a very loud quiet.

          The furnace is making a hushing sound as it works to heat our home.  It’s as if all the other household appliances are obediently submitting to the furnace’s command to “hush”.  The ice maker, which usually rumbles as it turns out ice, is silent.  Even the usual clicking and whirling of the thermostat, refrigerator and coffee pot have fallen to the hush of the furnace.   The quiet is very loud.

           All day I have wondered what God would want to me to share.  It’s not that I don’t have things to say….I do.  I want to tell you funny stories about my misadventures, fun times with dear friends and humbling moments in my walk.  It would be so easy to fill this page with all the wonderful chaos and blessings of the week and yet I know that is not what I should share.  Tonight I share with you a very loud quiet.

          Stop with me for a moment if you can.  Turn off the TV.  Step away from the kids, or work, for a little bit and listen.  Sometimes we’re so busy shouting out to God, that we fail to hear Him whisper, in a very loud quiet…”I love you My child”. 


2 Responses to “A Very Loud Quiet”

  1. Beckie Says:



  2. Trevor and Karen Wentlandt Says:

    I’m almost a week late, but the timing is perfect.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to God. 🙂


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