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Don’t Forget Your Pina Colada! October 12, 2010

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          “Miss, Miss!  You forgot your Pina Colada!”   Yes, those were the words I heard being shouted to me as I headed to my car in the crowded parking lot of the dentist.  Heads turned to see who would be the recipient of a “Pina Colada” mid morning in a non-restaurant area.  Embarrassed, I tried to wave the eager Pina Colada bearer away, “That’s okay” I shouted back, “Never mind!”  Too late, the young lady had already closed the 20ft. gap between us.  With a smile on her face and respiratory distress she breathlessly said, “Hear you go, I just had to get it form the back of the office.”  With those words, she placed the small tube of lip balm in my palm and hurried back to our dentist’s office.

          I noted at least 6 pairs of eyes fixated my direction with quizzical expressions.  I tucked the small tube into my pocket and ducked in to the anonymity of my car.  It is not like I forgot my keys, or left a cell phone on the counter…there was no real need to insure I take this small token of their appreciation home with me.  It was not likely I would be half way home and realize I forgot to get the lip balm they were giving away and turn back to acquire it.  I should not have been embarrassed, but you must admit having someone running after you and shouting about an alcoholic beverage is a bit on the awkward side.

         Once in my car I looked down at the Pina Colada flavored lip balm in my hand.  One side had the name and number for our dentist’s office, the other side had an image of a grinning mouth underscored by the word “SMILE.”  I did.

         That young lady made sure I did not miss out on even the smallest of blessing, a free gift, a tube of Pina Colada lip balm.  I was only there to pick something up for my daughter.  I had not even endured a dental  visit this day.  I did nothing to warrant being given anything.  I was not going to regret not getting free lip balm…and yet…as I looked at the tube in the sanctuary of my car it made me smile.  In the midst of running mundane errands, it put a smile on my face…even if it was a tad embarrassing.

          Sometimes God’s blessings are huge and we are quick to recognize them and be thankful.  Sometimes God’s blessings are simple yet touching.  A parking space, extra time on a deadline, forgiveness from a friend or coworker you may have caused hurt, a busy friend spending precious time with you, a right word spoken at a right time, a look of encouragement in the midst of a crowd, and yes a free tube of Pina Colada lip balm.


2 Responses to “Don’t Forget Your Pina Colada!”

  1. Karen Says:


    (I would have paid money to see it!)


  2. I don’t do enough Smiling, but I sure did at this. Glad it was you and not me. I, too, would have paid money to have seen it. When you Smile how can others Not? I love you and love your humor.


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