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Yellow Showed Up October 26, 2010

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         It finally happened.  The yellow showed up!  There have been past years when I have attempted to have my mom come visit us in Virginia in time to see the full effect of our fall foliage.  Most years she saw only the beginning, or end, of what I assured her where brilliant hues and stunning views.  This year we hosted my mom for the entire month of October.  “Surely she will see our fall in full splendor this time” I thought to myself.

          Three weeks into our time together I began to wonder if once again she would head home to north Florida with a less than stellar impression of fall in Virginia.  The leaves had indeed begun to turn.  Each day shades of dark red, purple and sigh…even brown, began to peek out from amid branches still vibrant green.    It was pretty.  It was “fall”, but it was NOT as spectacular as I had hoped.

          This last week we ventured down the Potomac River, walked the historic streets of Fredericksburg, and took every “long” way to any place we were going to increase the likelihood we would see the beauty of this wonderful season.  It was as if each day we witnessed a type of time-lapse photography as the tree lined streets began to blush pale oranges, bright greens and dark reds.  …and yet, I still was looking for something more, something vibrant, and something radiant…something YELLOW.  For some reason there is nothing more majestic than the glimmer of the sun’s rays off  bright yellow leaves blowing in the breeze among the other noble colors of fall.

          This week the yellow showed up to play!  Golden gleaming branches stretched toward the sky flanked by bright reds, brilliant oranges, and steadfast evergreens.  Every turn in the road evoked awe, every walk down the street seemed too beautiful to be real…at last, I could share with my mom  the full beauty of “Fall in Virginia.”

          That’s one of the reasons I love living in Northern Virginia….seasons.  I love that the seasons here are distinct and defining.  When the SUMMER days are unbearably hot and humid, I know the crisp days of FALL will push them away.  When the Autunm sits around me with its layers of rain soaked leaves, I know they soon will be covered up by WINTER’S magical snow-white blanket.  Muddy yards with dead grass will, for a while, look pristine.  When the biting sting of WINTER”S harsh winds and darkened skies begin to overwhelm my spirit, I know SPRING is going to burst forth with frost defying buds and blooms.  When pollen and busy schedules seem to attack me on every front, I know the long, slow days of SUMMER are waiting to lull me into a sense of relaxation and play.

             We cannot always see the changing of life’s seasons the way we do the seasons of our earth, but life does have seasons.    We may find ourselves looking forward to the next season while simultaneously wishing things could remain the same.   

          As I survey the beauty of His handiwork this season I am reminded that God’s plans are best and they include change.  Events, trials, triumphs are all divinely appointed.  He has given us the ability to look to our future, beyond the routine of life and have the hope found in an eternal perspective…and yet, He has not revealed ALL of life’s mysteries to us.

<<<<<<<<Things change, yellow shows up, God is sovereign!>>>>>>>>

There is an appointed time for everything.  And there is a time for every event under heaven- …..He has made everything appropriate in its time.  He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so man will not find out the work which Gid has done from the beginning even unto the end. ( Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 11)


One Response to “Yellow Showed Up”

  1. Melynie Says:

    You need to plan a trip to CO in the fall…no reds and oranges…but brilliant yellow Aspen trees amongst the pines on the mountain sides. Beautiful!


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