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His Abundance November 1, 2011

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          I have a morning coffee routine that includes lots of splenda and creamer in my coffee in addition to a generous pile of Redi Whip floating atop my morning mug.  The other morning as I was fixing my coffee I realized I was out of Redi Whip and  grumbled enough for my hubby to notice.  “I forgot I ran out Redi Whip last night”.  “Oh” he said, “I was wondering why you put so little on my apple crisp.”    There was a bit of a dead silence as I tried to make sense of his comment.  What?!?!  Was I hearing correctly?  Did he just let me know he thought I did not give him enough on his dessert last might?    From his point of view, he saw a small portion of apple crisp and a miniscule dollop of Redi Whip topping and perhaps felt somewhat disappointed. 

           HERE is the reality:  When preparing him a bowl of apple crisp, left over from the night before, I realized there was only enough left for one serving…so I made it for HIM.  When I went to top it with whipped cream I discovered it too was running low, so…even though I knew it meant no special coffee in the morning, I emptied the contents onto his dessert.  Talk about LOVE…I would sacrifice Redi Whip for only the man I love( or maybe visiting family members, maybe).  I thought I had made quite a small sacrifice and munched on dry popcorn while he seemed to enjoy his special treat.  I had given him abundance, he didn’t notice.

          What I thought was a huge treat and special love offering, he saw as “nice” but not meeting his expectations.  After making certain he clearly understood “why” he had only a little of Redi Whip on his dessert, and hopefully instilling a little more appreciation for my efforts,  I began to feel a bit convicted myself.

          My dear hubby had no idea of what a special dessert he had been given, because he did not know about the sacrifice of the giver.  It is all too easy for us to forget what a wonderful life we have through the sacrifice of our God.  How often do I look at what God has done in my life or given me, and because I had a different expectation, I missed the true treasure He lovingly gave me.  I am not referring to financial gifts, but rather a prayer not answered as I had desired, a delayed response, or at times a path I was sent on when I had expected something different.  How often do we look at what is before us and because we cannot fathom the enormity of the grace with which all things are given, we miss the joy that comes with knowing the giver.  God gives us abundance, do we see it?

“Not that I speak from want; for I have learned to

be content in whatever circumstances I am.”

 Phil. 4:11


One Response to “His Abundance”

  1. Karen Says:

    Great perspective, Teri! So…is it that we need to change our focus? You know me well enough to realize what a challenge it is to take my eyes off of ME and put them on Jesus. I want to, though. Thankfully, I think He will help if I ask..


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