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We are Loved – Check December 24, 2012

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Tonight we continue our advent celebration.  It is a wonderful time to focus on the reason for all the wonderful merriment of Christmas.  Tonight we celebrate His LOVE for us.

          “Starbucks – Check”, “Target –  Check”….my hubby was sending short text updates to me while on his recent adventure,  shopping with our daughter this Christmas Eve.  I was enjoying a quiet morning at the house and each text brought a smile to my face.  I loved that the first task involved Starbucks for themselves.   I marveled at how efficiently they seemed to be getting tasks done.  But the best text was his final proclamation…”bonding with baby girl-check”.   Our kids are grown up now and life is spinning exponentially fast it seems.  We have to plan our time together more these days.  I like knowing that in the midst of an errand filled morning, he recognized the value of the time spent with our 23 yr old baby girl.   I know it is because she is his, and he loves her.  I think God is just like that with us.

          I can’t help but think what God’s Christmas Eve check list would look like.  “Son born in dusty stable – check”,  “Shepherds notified of birth – check”, “salvation for all  people – check”…Would His final text be, “bonding with all who believe – check”?   We are His and He loves us

          They say it is better to give than receive….But let us not be too quick to devalue the “getting” of gifts.  I do not think my family would approve of us leaving any of the pretty packages under our tree wrapped until next year.  No doubt ALL of them will be opened and enjoyed by noon Christmas day.  We will tear through paper and ribbons, dig into stockings for treats and eagerly meet at the table to enjoy great food and fellowship.  We will thoroughly enjoy our gifts and the gift of time spent with loved ones. 

It is possible to leave one gift unopened.

           When God sent Jesus to us, a baby in the manger, that night long ago, He was giving us the gift that would keep on giving.  Jesus would live to show us how to live, die to conquer death for us, and rise again to provide a way for us to be forgiven of our sin and no longer be separated from God.  This is the love we celebrate at Christmas…..the love that God pours out for us because we are His.  We don’t have to earn it or deserve it.  We only have to receive it.

I pray this Christmas you know how much God loves you.  I pray you open the gift of forgiveness and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 

Remembering God loves me – check



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