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A Pulled Shade, A Quiet Kindness October 22, 2013

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          I was on the way to a family wedding in Florida.  As I settled into the very last seat in the back of the small plane, I thought of how wonderful it was going to be to celebrate with everyone.  I was looking forward to the quick trip, but I was also missing my husband.  Scott had been traveling a lot lately and was unable to accompany me.  I like traveling with him.  For some reason whether by car, boat or plane, there is just something comfy about being together on a journey.   

          In the quiet of the early morning flight, I found myself thinking of all the times my hubby, a very seasoned traveler, attempted to teach me his savvy ways.  I smiled to myself while recalling all the ways I challenged his methods.  I touched hand rails.  “They carry germs” he’d warn.  I often ended up in security lines behind families with small children.  “Look ahead, choose wisely, poor line choices slow you down” he’d say.   I engaged with strangers.  “Just bring a book to read.  Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact” he’d tease.   Well, I had my book, and was trying to be a good traveler, but I was lonely.  I was also cold.  My feet and arms were just chilly enough to make me ache, but not enough to keep me from drifting off to sleep.

          When I woke, I discovered why sleep came so easily.  Our flight attendant had pulled down the shade of my window and had placed a warm blanket over me.   The quiet, kind gesture blessed me.   I was not in crisis.  I had no great need.  I was not dealing with any emotional burden or suffering a loss.  I did not deserve his kindness, but his extra effort on my behalf moved me. 

          When I woke, I felt cared for and watched over…the way I always feel when I travel with my husband.  Sure, this was not a life changing event but it was a day changing one.  My trip was made easier, my day better and my heart happier.

          Soooooo, since my hubby was NOT there to discourage my engagement of strangers, I decided to write a thank you note to the kind attendant.  I wanted him to know he was appreciated.  I passed it to him as we deplaned and walked out into the chaos of the Atlanta airport.

         I was about to hurry off to my connecting flight, when I heard a voice behind me.  It was the flight attendant.  He had come all the way off the plane to return my thanks.  He pressed a tiny set of wings into my palm and we hugged before going our separate ways.

        Sometimes in the midst of a regular day, while doing nothing monumental, God shouts His love for us through the actions of others.  There in the middle of a busy airport God reminded me how impactful He allows us to be when we take the time to touch lives…even if it is nothing greater than pulling a shade or writing a note.

       This week let us be challenged to look for the ordinary ways we can show others his care.  Let us also be encouraged to recognize His touch on our lives through the gestures of those he places in our path.

Let us consider how we can spur one another on toward love and good deed.  Hebrews 10:24 (NIV)



2 Responses to “A Pulled Shade, A Quiet Kindness”

  1. Phyllis wilson Says:

    Teri, this is so comforting. It has Jesus all over it.thx little buddy 😉


  2. Heather Says:

    Loved hearing this, Teri. It’s a great encouragement to church’s 90 Days of Generosity. Sometimes I feel like unless it’s BIG, it’s not worth doing. But God shows up in the big AND small places, if only we allow Him. Thanks for that reminder. Missing you!


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