Tuesday With Teri

Devotions from lessons I'm learning from God

He is No Lassie November 12, 2015

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Tuesday With Teri


Perhaps you have not met Charlie, he is our newest four legged companion.  Charlie is a 9mo Portuguese Water Dog.  He is 40 pounds of floppy, furry, fun.   He is also the recipient of the well-deserved nickname, “Charlie Chaos”.  To say he needs constant activity is an understatement, which is why we found ourselves on a wooded trail the other day.

We ventured to a local jogging/walking trail.  It is well kept and a popular place for avid runners and novice hikers.  The day could not have been any prettier.  The leaves on the trees had begun to turn and several were losing their battle to hold onto their branches.  Each small gust of wind sent multicolor leaves floating to the forest floor like huge snowflakes.  Of course, this particular beautiful sight would prove to be a bit of a distraction for Charlie Chaos.  Charlie is still in training when…

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