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Waiting for Bait June 19, 2013

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My dog loves to fish.   Hughie, our porky little Yorkie, is an odd fellow.  Maybe it is the terrier part of his Yorkshire terrier breeding, but for some reason, whenever we get out the fishing poles he gets crazy excited.

As soon as anyone gets their tackle out, he will beeline to the person fishing and stand at their feet focused intently on the end of the fishing rod.  Embarrassingly, this could even be a complete stranger on the dock.   We keep a life vest on him whenever we are on the dock because inevitably he falls into the water in the midst of his excitement.

His contribution to the fishing experience can be annoying.  Whenever the hook is out of the water, he will bark at the person fishing until they cast it back in.  Now, if you are simply bottom fishing, letting the bait lay near the ground and waiting for a nibble, this is not too bad.  If you are casting and reeling alternately, expect Hughie to be barking at you throughout your fishing endeavor.   It is as if he thinks he is helping.

Hughie and I are often the first ones up whenever we are on the boat.  This morning was no different.  After taking him on his morning walk and enjoying the pink sunrise over the still water of the bay, I decided to do a little fishing.

I got out the pole, tackle and bait.  I was intending to use worms left over from fishing the day before.  The good news is that apparently the local Croaker (a type of fish) like them, the bad news is that putting them on your hook is no easy task.  I am inwardly chanting, “simple nervous system, simple nervous system” to myself as I impale the wiggling, slippery, dirt filled worm on my hook.  I pride myself on trying to be a big girl and bait my hook myself, and I manage to suppress squeals of “ewww” and “yuuuck”, but the process is not a quick one, which is a problem when Hughie is around.  Remember how I mentioned Hughie’s contribution to the fishing effort….?

Yep, as I worked feverishly to bait my hook, Hughie began barking.   I managed to successfully bait and cast a few times, but I worried that his barking would wake other people.  Each time I had to reel it back in and re-bait, it seemed his barking got louder and more impatient.  I was struggling more than usual to wrangle the worm into position on one occasion and finally just cast the line with an empty hook.  It was the only way to appease my barking maniac fishing buddy.

As I stood there with an un-baited hook in the water, I looked at Hughie and sighed.  He stood at my feet and eagerly looked from the water to the top of my pole and back again.  He was anticipating something to happen.

“Hughie,” I said(and yes, when your kids are grown and out of the house you DO have full conversations with your dog) “we are NOT going to get any fish like this.  Your help is not helping me!”  He tilted his head as if he were listening, so I continued to give him a fishing lecture.  “Listen buddy, you have to wait for me to get things in place.  All your fussing is not going to make it go faster. You’re disturbing everyone’s peace.  Honestly, I don’t like the implication that you do not think I know what I am doing.  I KNOW I need to put the hook in the water, but you have to wait for the bait.”

I reeled in my baitless, and therefore fishless, hook, and decided to put off fishing until a more acceptable hour for Hughie’s barking.  I poured myself another cup of coffee, allowed Hughie to snuggle into my lap, and thought about the morning’s fishing lesson.   I wondered if God would like to have the same conversation with me, and what it would sound like…. “Listen Teri, I am working to get things in order for you, I have a plan and all your fussing is not helping.  Matter of fact, it is kind of detracting from what I am doing.  Honestly, do you not think I know what I am doing?  I am your God, I created the world, I think I can handle your life…the life I gave you.  You need to WAIT for the bait.”

It is good to remember that God is the MASTER fisherman, and He is always working in our favor…

time to stop fussing and simply trust Him.

 “Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heat take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14