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fishing and Simeon December 30, 2008

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pc2900312          I like to fish…hook, bait and bobber.  I’m not a “cast and crank” person…I’m a “bobber watcher”. Yes, there is nothing better than sitting quietly and watching for any slight movement of your bobber in the water, alerting you to a potential catch. I must admit, I even enjoy the “false alarms” of a tugging wave or nibbling bait fish. Just sitting on a water’s edge and experiencing hope is a thrill. I had forgotten about this simple joy in life until a recent boating trip. As friends and I sat on the dock we decided to drop in a fishing line, baited with hot dog chunks, just to play with the crabs as they stole the bait and scurried away. To our amazement, and that of anyone else, we actually caught a fish! Immediately memories of fishing off defunct bridges and sea shores with my parents came flooding back and, pardon the pun, I was hooked. My renewed interest was further fueled when I landed a HUGE catfish on another boating day. So…to my delight, Santa brought me fishing gear and tackle this year! I am almost giddy with anticipation of potential fishing success…so much so that when the house was quiet and no one else home I snuck off to a local dock to test out my new toys. Yes, it was quite cold Monday afternoon, but the sun was shining and there was ample radiant heat to make you toasty in between gusts of wind.   Fellow fishermen passed by the dock on their bass boat and inquired what I was fishing for…note to self, when asked this question in the future…lie.  Apparently it is not cool to announce proudly you are after catfish when one is fishing on the Potomac.   Alas, there would be no catfish catching victories this day…but that is okay.  I had  a quiet, relaxing time in the sun and watching my bobber.

          As I sat on the dock and considered my bobber watching delight I thought of Simeon. I know, I know…you were thinking of him too right? Some of you may recall in the telling of Christmas events that there was a man in Jerusalem whom the Bible calls “righteous and devout”. Luke 2:21-32 tells us that Simeon had been told by the Hoy Spirit  that he would not die until he had seen the savior of Isreal(the Lord’s Christ). Scriptures tell us he was “waitng”…talk about “bobber watching”. Simeon must have eyed each young man who came to the temple as the potential “one”…just as I eye each bob of my bobber as a signal. Did he stare down temple visitors in a way that made them uneasy in his desire to not “miss” the savior? For bobber watchers like me knowing the difference between a fish and an errant wave or crab comes from experiencing a fish on your line and learning how it feels. How did Simeon know when he saw Jesus that it was him? Verse 27 tells us he was moved by the Spirit and recall he was known as a “righteous and devout” man. Simeon watched and waited…but he also made sure he stayed connected/devoted to God. I think that is why he did not miss the Christ child’s arrival. If Christ came today, would I recognize him? Do I eagerly wait on the hand of God and look for His working in my life with the same intensity and joy with which I watched the bobber at the end of my line? Hmmmm….I hope in 2009 we all find it easier to wait on God, see Him in our world, and seek Him with the anticipation  and hope of a bobber watching fisherman.


5 Responses to “fishing and Simeon”

  1. Beckie Says:

    What a lovely story! You really are very creative with words and such a good story teller.

    I have to say that I’m already a bit concerned….you said you were going to do this every Tuesday….the first post was on the 13th and the next post not until today (the 30th). It’s your first month and you’ve already missed two Tuesdays? Now, I plan to tune in every Tuesday to read what’s on your mind, so you need to keep up! 🙂


  2. Rod Says:

    A wonderful and thought provoking story. Will we be ready and will we recognize Him? Good question. Hopefully 2009 will provide better sight. We will all stand a better chance of seeing Him if we all act in a manner in which He would.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday.

    Love you


  3. Beckie Says:

    You prompted me to go back and read the Biblical account again. Two things really stood out to me: the obedience of God’s people and the work of the Spirit. Mary and Joseph were acting in obedience to the law of God when they brought Jesus to the temple. Simeon was moved by the Spirit – and responded to His promptings. (That’s particularly special since it was before Pentacost.)

    Similarly, the work of the Spirit in our lives is a gracious gift of God, and not something that we can in any way make up ourselves. But our obedience to His written word positions us to receive the fullness of His grace.

    To come back to your analogy, you were obedient to the “laws of fishing” – you were at the water’s edge, you had the tools and had practiced using them, and you were continuing to gain experience in distinguishing a tug from a real fish from the tug of a wave – you did your part. Now, the movement of the fish is the part you can’t control – you may be blessed with a little fish, or a big fish, or you may spend hours and catch nothing at all. But as you said, just sitting there experiencing hope is a thrill unto itself.

    May we all continue in obedience, recognize the movement of the Spirit in our lives, and simply enjoy the peaceful act of waiting on our God.


  4. stephanie Says:

    Teri, I am so excited that you are doing this. Whatever Scott’s motives, it was a great idea for all of us to enjoy.
    Simeon’s story is one of the sweetest in the old testament. He simply wanted to see the Savior and he spent his days waiting and watching. That was his focus. We should all be more like Simeon in our daily lives. There is a song somewhere in my memory about Simeon that when I heard it years ago, made me research that passage in the bible. Since then, I have always had a fondness for his vigil. I will now have to look for the song and the artist. Love you lots and can’t wait until next Tuesday.


  5. phyllis Says:

    Thanks buddy , your story and application have blessed my life today. And to becky”s response ” thanks for the additional observation you shared” Think I’m gonna like Tuesdayys!


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