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Mom would not be pleased February 3, 2009

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       Today I went out without my coat on, mom would not be pleased.  My mom was the “mean lady” who insisted I wear my coat even on Halloween!  Imagine my horror, and subsequent pouting, when forced to don a winter parka over my costume.  In my pre-adolescent opinion covering my costume (an overstuffed pumpkin made lovingly by this same “mean lady”), would simply make me look like a big, fat kid.  Go ahead, get the image in your mind…short kid, big bulky parka (with fur trimmed hood), green stocknig covered legs protruding from underneath and a head topped with a green felt beanie complete with stem and leaves…done giggling yet?  Of course in her defense I should mention we did live in North Dakota at the time…and in October there may have been a bit of snow on the ground.  Yep, I was obviously raised to know better, yet there I was out and about running early morning errands without my coat.  According to my car it was a balmy 33F.  As I sat contemplating the shortest path from my car to  the store, I am pretty certain I saw a few rogue snow flakes float past my windshield.  I would not want to blame this situation on my own poor judgement so I’ve come up with a few excuses.  First of all, no one told me to put a coat on!  If only mom would have been there to alert me to the need, instead she was probably enjoying the warmth of her home in Florida, unaware she was neglecting her child.   Without a doubt, most of the blame is to be placed on the toasty, well insulated location of my car…the garage.  In my dash from house to car I was not exposed to the elements lurking beyond my driveway.  In the safety of my garage I unknowingly entered the world unprepared.  I’ve made this mistake before.  At times the shelter of my comfort zone has caused me to not adequately prepare for the journey ahead.

       Sometimes God allows difficulty, hardship and heartache to impact our lives.  I may struggle to understand why God would allow such adversity, but I never doubt His love for us.  Maybe these times are like God lifting the roof off our garage…we can start our journey better prepared/equipped for the opportunities or challenges He has for us.  I Peter 1:6&7  reminds us, “In this you greatly rejoice, even if now for a little while you have been distressed…your faith, which is more precious than gold…may be found to result in the praise and glory and honor at the coming of Jesus Christ.”  As we face each day with the happiness and hurt it may bring, we can have confidence in these things:  1. A sovereign God loves us!   2. Mom’s always right, put on your coat!