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Still Thirsty June 1, 2010

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          I should know better by now, it is not as if this is the first time, but I went to the store thirsty.   I have heard people say that when they go to the grocery store hungry they tend buy more junk food.  I think this is true concerning thirst.  It triggers a shopper to purchase items they would not have bought otherwise.

          Today my “quick trip” to pick up a few things at the grocery store turned into an impulse purchase extravaganza.  I was extremely thirsty.  It was a hot day and I had a very busy morning.  The only beverage I consumed was a cup of coffee much earlier in the day.   Thirst soon took control of my shopping cart.  By the time I was in aisle 4 of the 13 aisle grocery store my cart contained three different kinds of juice and ice tea mix, none of which was on my initial shopping list.

          Anything fruit flavored was especially enticing.  Popsicles and fruit flavored gummy worms seemed oddly refreshing.  Eventually I checked out and loaded my bags into the car for the short 3 min. ride home.  Before leaving the parking lot, I opened the bag of gummy worms.  I am not sure how my mind transitioned from being thirsty to desiring juice then fruit then gummy worms, but it did.  I popped the chewy treat in my mouth and headed for home.

          At first the fruity flavored excited my taste buds and seemed to moisten my mouth.  The refreshed feeling was fleeting and I tried another worm.   The drive home seemed to last forever as the sweet candy only increased my desire for refreshment.  I did not even wait until all the groceries were unloaded before filling my glass with an ice-cold juice.   Once my glass was empty, I felt compelled to drink more of the thick, sweet juice.  I regretted drinking so much.  I felt full, but still thirsty.

          Once the groceries were put away, I fixed myself a big glass of ice water.  I sat for a moment and slowly drank in the simple, yet satisfying refreshment.   I felt my entire being relax as I set the empty glass on the counter.  That was all I needed.   Water had quenched my thirst without leaving wanting more or regretting my choice to drink. 

          As I thought of all the senseless things I purchased I almost laughed aloud.   Thirst is a very powerful motivator.  Lately I have been challenged to examine my own motivation in my relationship with God.

          How much do I thirst after Him?  What draws me to Him?  Will anything else fill that thirst?  How can I seek refreshment in Him each day?  He is the water that stops my thirst and does not leave me needing more or feeling regret.

          Am I drawn to Him like I was to the juice section of the store or the bag of fruit chewy worms?  This week I will seek Him with a thirst that can only be met by His sufficient grace.

“As the deer pants for the water brooks, So my soul pants for Thee, O God.  My soul thirst for God, the living God…”( Psalm 42:1-2)