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Rain June 22, 2010

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          It was 95 degrees today…not bad for summertime I suppose…but it was a VERY humid 95 degrees.   I was not prepared for the wetness of the warmth that smacked me in the face when I walked outside.   After taking only a few breathes, I felt like I was drowning.  I did not stay outside for long.  My plans for walking the dogs melted away with the stifling heat.

          I assume the heat continued to be oppressively intense, I would not know for sure, as I elected to stay in my air conditioned home for the better part of the afternoon.   By evening, the atmosphere began to release its heavy burden of moisture resulting in a glorious summer thunderstorm.

          When the drops finally stopped, the dogs and I ventured outside once more.   I was astonished at the difference the rain had made.  The air, once suffocating and heavy, now seemed intoxicating.  I inhaled intentionally.  The air was cool, almost crisp like fall.  It was a great relief! 

         When I think of rain, or “gully washers” as my dad used to call them, I think of the inconvenience.  Rain ruins plans and causes floods.  Sure, like everyone else, I appreciate the life that rain brings to God’s creation as well…but I must admit, I have never thought much about the RELIEF rain brings.

          I stood outside a bit longer, the wet tree leaves glistening in the bright moon light, the wet grass clinging to my shoes, and soaked in the sweet relief.   I have felt this relief before…it is found in the burden lifting grace of our God.